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covid vaccine booster

Anyone received the vaccine booster yet? Any changes with there skin after? Last time I got really itchy in my second dose.

  1. No booster yet, my skin is flaring quite intensely at present so I will hold off for now.

    1. , I had my booster shot a couple of days ago. My first two were Pfizer, but the third was Moderna, recommended as I’m 75. If I was under 75, I would have had Pfizer again. Friends have told me they had more reaction after Moderna, but surprisingly, I had no reaction after any of them. Cora Lyn, Team Member

      1. I’m sure you chose well as that’s what they recommend here for you’re age group. The nurse said people over 75 are more vulnerable. I wanted to ask if I would have had a third Pfizer if I had come a week earlier before my birthday. My daughter is also 51 and was given 2 doses of Moderna. It will be interesting to see what they recommend when she gets hers in a few weeks. Cora Lyn, Team Member

      2. it's such a constantly evolving science. How researchers work to keep up with such a rapidly mutating virus amazes me. All the variables - such as specific vaccine formulation (brand), age of patient, potential patient comorbities -make for extra challenges and puzzling factors that perhaps only time and more doses in arms will answer. In the meantime, I'm grateful to have received 3 doses.

    2. Daisy, I got dose #3 of Pfizer a couple months ago. Didn't notice any particular reactions re. my skin after any of the shots. All doses were pretty uneventful for me side effect-wise. Hope you tolerate number three ok if you get it.

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