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Double Base cream and the sunbed

Hello, new to the group!

Chronic ezcema sufferer for around 7years now. I'm 32.

Only just starting to be able to manage it! I've always find that the sunbeds aid my skin (and make me feel better which is a huge part of it) However, I know use DoubleBase which I find is super..... am I able to use the sunbeds (once they reopen!) safely with this cream?

I look forward to your advice....

Aimee xx

  1. Hi Aimee - Welcome! We've heard other people say that the sun or UV light also seems to help their skin. Thought you might find interest in this article which shares some research on it - https://atopicdermatitis.net/clinical/more-sun-exposure-improve-eczema . As to whether using your cream while using sunbeds is safe, like said, this is something you'll want to run by your doctor. Let us know how you're doing! We're here for you. -Sarah (AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member)

    1. Hi, , I know some eczema sufferers use the tanning beds. A dermatologist once told me it was fairly safe as long as I didn’t stay long enough to actually get a tan. That if I got a tan, I had overdone it. But I’m not a medical professional, so this is really a question only your doctor, who knows your skin, can answer. I’m not familiar with DoubleBase, but checking online I don’t see that it contains any UV protection, so that would be another question for your doctor. Hope this helps a bit, Cora Lyn, AtopicDermatitis.net Team Member

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