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Help! Any tips for dry skin?

What gives you relief?

  1. The skin product I find most helpful is Epaderm Ointment. It’s a thick waxy type substance that seems to do the trick! Hope this helps!

    1. New to this but here is what I have learned so far. Aquaphor - no! It's so thick and greasy it ruined my clothes and honestly wasn't much help. I use 1 T. oil (jojoba) with 2-3 drops of pure Tree Tea Oil. On bad days, I also put a cream on top. Trader Joe's A Midsummer Night's Cream Moisturizing Cream/extra dry formula. Even without the oil application it will stop the itching for 5 hours. I have also just discovered Neutrogena Hydro Boost body gel cream with hyaluronic acid. It's awesome! Cleared everything up (small flares/dry patches) quickly. I have been able to stay off the steroid ointment which I detest. I'm thinking the change in weather might be helping. I live in the desert so it's super dry. I just learned that is an issue. I thought my flares were all allergy related. The guessing game continues! If anyone can recommend a good, not too expensive, humidifier I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

      1. My favorite moisturizer is Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. It is super thick and helps heal some of my driest skin while I sleep. I use it mostly on my hands at night, but it's great for most any other part of the body too (though I think it's a bit thick for the face!).

        1. Thanks for sharing, Stefanie! I'm glad Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream has helped your dry skin. Overnight while you sleep, too! Sounds soothing. -Sarah ( Team Member)

      2. Dry skin caused by atopic dermatitis can be challenging to manage. The winter season or places with dry climates may further exacerbate your atopic dermatitis causing additional dryness. Some agitating aspects of dry skin can include itchiness (ugh!) and flaking.

        Below is a list of tips for dry skin with relevant links:
        1. Moisturizing with creams or ointments (
        2. Layering in the winter (instead of turning up the thermostat) -
        3. Shower in lukewarm water, or consider a soak! (

        Any other tips for dry skin? What has helped you? We would love to hear about it!

        -Sarah ( Team Member)

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