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Eczema Routines!

Routines aren’t just about skincare! What does your eczema care routine look like? Share your tips or find new ones here!

  1. Every night I moisturize head to toe. Every morning I moisturize face, arms and legs. If I know I am going to be involved in an activity that will make me perspire I keep spray Benadryl handy. I work at staying calm and cool (not overheating)

    1. By staying cool I try to spend time in my garden when its early in the day, stay in the shade, always wear a garden had when outside. When its hot walk early or late in day when it is cooler. Avoid activities that make me perspire when I can. Drink a lot of water. Staying calm which I have to do I eye shot days, I breathe using anti anxiety techniques. I also use this to facilitate sleep. if you practice breathing techniques you get very good at this. I also meditate, once I realized and understood just a few minutes here and there is quite beneficial I can meditate anywhere anytime, between meditation and intentional breathing I can calm down quickly. The Benedryl spay was not recommended by a doctor although he did say to use sparingly which I do. I primarily use CeraVe anti itch lotion and that works wonders for me most of the time Thanks so much Chellye

    2. Hi again dear , I am so happy to read your response! Thanks so much for all the enlightenment! This is not only beneficial information for our community family, but you made a believer of me with your word style of health. I too use the CeraVe products as well as Aquaphor. The hats are a must for me. I am a new student to meditation - the way you described how you use it, and the breathing techniques, throughout the day are brilliant. Sending my heartfelt healing hugs to you, Liz - - Site Moderator

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