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Any advice for small bumps on the face?

I've had atopic dermatitis with hyperpigmentation on my legs for sixteen years now and having this made my skin on my face very sensitive. All my skincare products are fragrance free and very gentle on the skin. Recently, I have developed these bumps all over my face! Some are bug bites, allergic reactions, and clear, soft (not too hard) bumps. At first I thought these were clogged pores. Having sensitive skin, I couldn't physically exfoliate at all and was too scared to try chemical exfoliators. As time passes by, I would often get these allergic reactions. There is a certain part in my face where it gets itchy, red and inflammed! On the other hand, these clear bumps would normally appear on the space between my eyebrows and under my eyes. It has spread now all over my forehead and I have no idea what to do!

  1. Hey francescamison! Your situation sounds very familiar to bumps I have had in the past. What products are you currently using on your face? I personally only use organic and 100% natural coconut oil. I also ensure I put sunscreen on every morning, especially on these hot summer days. This has worked wonders for me and can possibly work for you! 😀 Let me know if you do try it!

    1. francescamison, I'm sorry to hear about the small bumps you've developed on your face 🙁 It sounds like you've got a pretty frustrating situation. How have your symptoms been lately? I wanted to share this article about head to toe care which mentions some oils that one of our writers has found helpful for the face ( I hope others might chime in with what they've used as well. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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