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Facial Scrubs

When it comes to cleansing your face, what's your skincare routine? do you exfoliate? do you have any recommendations for any facial cleansers? preferably scented free. I've tried to use, cataphile and cerave but they haven't been effective.

  1. thank you for asking this! I'm actually curious myself as I honestly don't use any cleansers at the moment, I haven't found one yet that does well with my skin either.

    1. No Problem. I've been doing some research and I found this brand called LA Roche Posay which is a multi use body cleanser and facial wash. I've been using it for. Afew weeks now and it's been working. I don't have as many flare ups, itching as I once did from the compared to the products that I've used previously.

    2. thank you for sharing! Will have to try it out - have not tried that one yet!

  2. Thank you!

    1. I wash and shower with Dermol but use Epaderm after. I haven't found anything more effective than this!

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