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Shaving with eczema

Hi everyone! How do you deal with shaving your legs (or other body parts) with atopic skin? Do you have any products you use, tips you find useful? I tried using an electric shaver but it gave me a rash so I think I'm stuck with a regular razor but maybe you have any experiences in that matter? Summer's coming - let's discuss!

  1. Hi Agnas23, checking in to hear how you are feeling. Sharing my routine - I have found while in the shower, using the regular razor on my legs lathered with Dove soap has been less hurtful - as long as I moisturized heavily afterward with Aquaphor. Here is another site that may be of interest, (scroll to the section for shaving and hair removal): Please let us know your thoughts...
    Sending healing hugs, Liz - - Site Moderator

    1. I am confident if other members of our community have tips to share they will chime in but in the meantime here is an article you may find helpful: . All the best, Sam S. (, team member).

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