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SOLVED! Scalp Dermatitis & Hair Shedding

I suffered from extremely dry scalp which contributed to shedding and itching no matter how much moisturizer or conditioner I used.

I started using these 4 things and I no longer suffer (A bit pricey but worth the results)

-Fish oil supplements
-Alove Vera Gel supplements
-Aloe Vera Oil (the kind that comes with a dropper to apply directly to scalp)
-Tea Trea Oil (occasionally for flare ups)

The oils are also great to rub on your skin to prevent and soothe eczema breakouts!

Good Luck!

  1. thanks so much for sharing this. How do you use the aloe vera oil, if you don't mind me asking? (how do you apply it and for how long etc) and do you dilute the tea tree oil in a carrier oil when you use it? So glad you were able to get relief from this! -Nina (Team Member)

    1. Hi there, - haven't had any experience of psoriasis but here's a link that may help...
      Hope this helps!

      1. This is absolutely amazing to hear these treatments solved your itchy scalp problem!! These are great tips to share with the community! Thank you and stay safe - Pete, Moderator

        1. what can I buy over the counter for psoriasis of scalp?

        2. I've tried a lot of over the counter products in the past for psoriasis myself, can't say I have found any one thing that has worked perfectly yet, though. Have you tried anything yet, if you don't mind me asking? Or is this something new you are looking into? -Nina (Team Member)

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