3 Reasons Why There Is Still Hope

Last updated: March 2019

When you live with a condition that affects your outward appearance, it's easy to lose hope. You lose hope in  yourself and the thought that any medication will ever work for you. You lose hope in medicine because nothing has worked yet. You even lose hope in humanity because of the way people treat you.

Social pressures

Society today places so much stress on the outward appearance. We're pressured to look a certain way, dress a certain way, eat a certain way in order to maintain it all. It's frustrating. The worst part about it is, it doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.

Media coverage

Companies are so pressed to follow these standards that they only cast the most perfect of people to be featured on things like TV shows and billboards. Even atopic dermatitis ads are shown featuring people with flawless skin. How is that possible!?

Coping and finding hope

In a world that gives you little hope, how do you stay inspired? How do you maintain hope in yourself and humanity? How do you push forward? Here are 3 reasons why there is still hope with atopic dermatitis.

You're not defeated:

At times our condition can be so daunting, we may feel defeated. Life with atopic dermatitis may leave us feeling down or upset, judged and maybe a little less than - but you're not. You're not defeated. You are much more than AD. You are much more than any condition you live with. You're no less than anyone else.


Your outward appearance doesn't make you as a person. It doesn't determine who you are or what you will be. Find hope in knowing you can be whatever or whoever you choose to be. Use that to fuel you on those days you're feeling low.

You have somewhere to start:

For many people, one of the biggest issues of living with a chronic condition is getting the diagnosis. Find hope in knowing that you have somewhere to start from. You have the ability to go up from here. Getting diagnosed is a huge part of the chronic illness battle and should not be overlooked. Many people struggle with symptoms daily, yet still have no answers. Let knowing your diagnosis empower you to do research, become a partner in your healthcare. Know your options. There is hope in information and education.

You are the only you:

Although it may seem like a negative most days, your condition is a part of you. But you aren't only your atopic dermatitis. You're so much more than just that. You are the only you. Know that there are so many different things that make you who you are and find hope in knowing there is only one you in this world and so many people will appreciate that.

Find people who see past your skin

We run into people that don't, so often. And at times we can overlook the people who see past our skin, past our pain, past our condition. The people who see and love us for who we really are. There is someone out there who loves you just the way you are.

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