How Did I Wear All These Clothes Before the Pandemic?

This morning I met a mate for a nice walk and coffee. I got up at 9 am, showered and instead of getting into my usual lockdown outfit - tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt - I put on some underwear, a pair of tight-fitting jeans, a t-shirt, shirt, and jumper. Plus my anorak before leaving the flat. Before leaving, I felt a little anxious though I could not quite work out what was niggling me. It's a feeling I occasionally have when I get up a little late for work and have to rush around. A feeling of being disorganized. But this was weird because I had no rushing around to do. No work to go to. So why was I feeling like this?

I returned home and itched myself stupid

Well, the penny soon dropped! I had not worn these many layers and fitted clothing since the lockdown began. When I returned home I had the biggest flare ever! Now, this might be because of the mild exercise and heat that had been generated due to the walk, but part of me thinks that all this clothing could not have helped. My legs and arms were especially affected and I was in pain because of it. There is always a price to pay isn't there? Any kind of fun seems bad for us eczema sufferers. Whether it be food or drink or going out somewhere nice, we have to prepare for the downsides. I have had eczema all my life and I still need to remind myself of this. It is so annoying.

I can't believe I wore these clothes before

To combat this completely I had to have another shower and sort myself out with all my usual meds. I felt so much better afterward. It got me thinking about my clothing habits. I just can't believe I wore these clothes before the lockdown. I really need to re-think my wardrobe. My plan is, in the future, to purchase mainly sweaters, shirts/t-shirts made from one-hundred percent cotton. This fabric will be kindest to my skin and will hopefully alleviate the irritation. I think the main problem will be to find clothing that looks half decent. I'm by no means a follower of fashion but I am a single guy approaching my mid-forties so I don't want to be looking like a washed-up tired old has-been.

Gaining the psychological advantage

Being psychologically fit is a huge advantage in being able to get on top of this condition. Firstly, and most obviously, for me, is sorting your diet out. Being able to know what your body can and cannot handle is vital. Secondly, finding the right creams/ointments that best help with your eczema. Thirdly, regular exercise is absolutely fundamental in keeping physically and mentally fit. Fourthly, and until today I would never have thought this would be on my list of most important factors, but wearing comfortable clothes that feel and look great. I'm aware that this is starting to sound like I have all the answers. I certainly do not. It's just that I have been battling this horrendous disease all my life and having these mental lists of knowing what your habits should really do help in the management of my eczema and I constantly feel the need to share.

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