Why "Continual Habits" Is My Phrase for 2020

For the past two years, I have chosen a word to inspire me in any given situation throughout that particular year. Each word has brought me so many unexpected, yet life-changing experiences that I truly feel has played a role in bettering my eczema.

2018 - “Ever-ready”

In 2018, my word was “Ever-ready”, inspired by a pack of “Eveready” batteries handed to me one day.

For me, this was all about preparation. Preparing for who I wanted to become, which then was an entrepreneur in the empowerment/motivation industry. I wanted to hold workshops, speak on stages, write, and become a leading advocate in the eczema community. So I would plan my workshops, write my speeches, and get heavily involved with anything that was related to eczema. I was getting “ever-ready.”

When I’m focused on my purpose and taking active steps towards it, I’m less stressed, which then results in fewer eczema episodes.

2019 - “Encounters”

This word was so much fun for me because it meant how many encounters, whether physically or mentally, can I make with a person, place, or thing that can help me grow or can teach me something new. This meant going to networking events, reading books, taking a walk at the park, listening to podcasts, and so much more. My daily question would be, “How am I creating encounters today?” aka “How am I going to grow just a bit more today?” This brought so many unexpected...encounters! :D

Creating encounters with people, places, and things brought me so much joy and gratitude. When I am joyous and grateful for life, I am less anxious and less prone to experiencing eczema flares at that moment.

2020- “Continual habits”

Although this year’s “word” is more of a phrase, it’s already created life-changing experiences thus far. “Continual habits” is about choosing a habit I’ve always wanted to do or challenging myself to a habit that I know would promote overall health. The intention is to practice this habit for 21 to 30 days, with the overall goal of maneuvering it into my daily routine, long after its ending point. Every month thus far in 2020, I have challenged myself with the intention of creating a new continual habit. (See list below.)

Creating continual habits that better my overall health should automatically better my eczema, or at least that’s the goal. If I’m focused on creating habits that will bring me peace and presence on a moment-to-moment basis, then the result can end up in experiencing fewer eczema flares.

Continual habits and eczema

In my experience, managing my eczema has always been about creating sustainable and continual habits. From learning what triggers me and when to understanding techniques that will help me relieve stress to knowing what foods cause me flare-ups - these are all vital habits that keep my eczema and me at bay.

Creating healthy habits for eczema


  • What if there are habits that can support you in managing your eczema better?
  • Would you challenge yourself to do it?
  • Would you commit yourself wholeheartedly to the practice of the habit?

Here’s how you can get started:

Choose a habit

Especially in times like this, where we’re practicing social distancing, it wouldn’t hurt to try doing a 30-day challenge. Maybe you’ve always wanted to meditate but haven’t done it consistently to see results. Or perhaps you’re a writer, but haven’t written in weeks or months. Now is your time. Challenge yourself. Choose a habit that you know will better your overall health and mental peace. Commit to it as if your health depended on it.

Create an action plan

  • What do you want to achieve by accomplishing this habit?
  • What does the end result look like/feel like?
  • Now what DAILY actions can you take to get there?

Remember, the purpose of this challenge is to choose ONE action that you can do every day. (Check my list below for some inspiration).

Do it consistently

Remember, part of the challenge is creating sustainability, so you do want to take on an activity for at least 21 days consistently. Life happens, but that doesn’t mean you get to create excuses for yourself. Because no matter what, don’t break the habit.

It’s not about the ACT of the habit itself, it’s about your IDENTITY and who you want to become. When life happens, do the minimum: do 5 pushups if your goal is to workout 6x a week, write one sentence if your habit is to write every day, just don't break the habit. When you don’t stick to a habit you chose, you lose a piece of your integrity.

Choose an accountability partner

Having someone who knows your goal and what daily habits you get to accomplish is like having Tony Robbins as your personal coach. Choose to make your habit training easier by confiding in someone who will uplift and empower you when you feel like giving up.

My continual habits so far

Continual habits I’ve practiced thus far every month:

  • January - 21 day fast, where I can only drink water until 5 PM and then I can eat after 5 PM.
  • February - 30 day fitness challenge. This consisted of 30 minute to one hour workouts, six days a week. Did I say six?
  • March - 31 day fasting from social media.
  • April - No meat for 30 days. I’ve done this before and it always makes me feel better physically.

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