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Poul Talks About the Importance of Discipline for Eczema Healing

The Editorial Team at AtopicDermatitis.net is highlighting people in the eczema community. We talked to Poul, the founder of Man's Guide to Eczema Healing and Healthy Living. He shares his personal advice for winning the battle with eczema.

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Poul's eczema story

After we had our second child, my eczema suddenly got a lot worse. I knew that I had to get to the bottom of this problem once and for all. My doctor had only one thing to offer me and that was stronger steroid creams and more of them. After learning about the side effects of steroid creams, it was clear to me that I needed to explore other options.

Bleeding, red, inflamed, and wrinkly

I had bleeding wounds on my scalp. Eczema covered both of my arms. The skin around my eyes was red, inflamed, and wrinkly. I looked terrible. In the mirror, I looked 20 years older than I actually was. This greatly deterred me from socializing with other people. I felt deep fatigue in my body and a constant sense of unrest. On top of all that, I felt so much frustration.

Difficulty finding information online

I was surprised to find little information on the internet about natural methods of eczema healing. Here and there I found bits of information, but they were scattered on various websites, blogs, and medical studies. There was no single place where the full solution to eczema healing could be found. After days of searching, I found a blog post from a Danish guy who improved his eczema by canceling milk and dairy from his diet. Perhaps it was the clue I was looking for - I had to give it a try!

Since then I have been on a mission to heal my eczema in the most natural way possible. After +10 years of researching eczema, I feel I have found a solution that works for me. After experimenting with several dietary choices and skincare products, I realized that eczema healing was a bit more straightforward than I had imagined when the journey began.

My diet, bathing, and skincare routines

In my current diet, there is absolutely no dairy or egg. I also try to reduce sugar as well, since I find it to accelerate eczema flare-ups and degrade my wellbeing and health. What helps me most is simple but effective routines like no soaps in the shower. It is also important to apply moitorizing creams during the day and especially after the bath.

The importance of discipline with eczema healing

The importance of being disciplined in handling your eczema must not be underestimated. If you know what to do but are unable to keep on the right track then you will never see real progress. There are just some things that need to be done every day to get the ball rolling towards better skin health.

Saying NO!

One of these things for me was to stop using soaps in the shower. It is not hard, but you have to be consistent and not have "soap-cheat-days". But the hardest part is to be able to say NO! to foods that are not good for your health and eczema. That includes saying NO! to cookies, candy, sugary drinks, and of course cutting out all dairy and egg products. You also have to learn to read ingredient lists on foods and only select "safe" foods. Here daily discipline will help you when all these tempting, but unhealthy foods are calling you.

As a man, I find it easier to go into a kind of "battle mode", where Mr. Eczema is the enemy and I only have my knowledge and discipline to combat him. That releases an internal force that is essential when tough choices are confronting you.

Healing is possible

Decide that NOW is the time to get better by using the mental techniques and advice that is found on eczemahealingguide.com. I have made it as easy and accessible as possible by offering a free e-book and a one-page Eczema battle-plan. Just follow the guidelines and be consistent. I hope people using this guide will find relief and start getting better skin and overall health.

It is not rocket science, but often the message is hard to find in a condensed and easy-to-follow manner. That has been my mission - To present my way of healing in the simplest and purest form possible. Then it is up to you to decide to "Get after it" and do the necessary work. Healing is definitely possible, I and many others have done it and you can do it too.

My eczema battle plan

Detailed battle plan for eczema with three sections: diet, bath, and skincare

Natural healing is preferred

I hope more people will try natural healing before going to the doctor demanding potent drugs like Dupixent and some of the harsh steroid creams accessible. In the long run, your body will thank you for using your inner power instead of throwing your health into the arms of the pharmaceutical industry.

Topical steroid withdrawal is not in my playbook

The idea of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) is something that I find a little too extreme and painful for most people. My approach is more balanced where steroid products are a good way of keeping eczema in control while you optimize and adjust every part of your life to support optimum skin health. As a result, the use of steroid cream will over time become much less. It is possible to make a "soft landing" instead of a TSW crash, as I have seen so many people do. In my opinion, it is also not a sustainable way for most people to address the problem of eczema.

I am totally independent and not influenced by any company. For that reason, you will not find any ads on my website and the products I recommend are based on my own evaluation.

Best wishes to all eczema fighters out there.

Poul from Denmark

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