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A razor is being pulled across a hairy surface, leaving flames and inflamed eczema in its wake.

Things I Don’t Do with Eczema

I know I’ve shared quite a few things I’ve tried for my condition on this platform before. I’ve also said what has and hasn’t worked as I continue my search for the perfect product *until a cure comes along.* With all of this in mind, I decided something worth sharing may just be things I don’t do with eczema.

Wear short sleeves

This is old news, but I know many people who can relate. For years, I stopped wearing short sleeves because I feared the other kids in school would laugh or joke. Honestly, I was terrified by the thought of them simply asking questions. I didn’t want to acknowledge my condition. I was much more comfortable with pretending to be like everyone else. Although I’ve grown comfortable with my body over time, I know not everyone has gotten to the place I have yet. I also know many people out there have much more severe cases than my own…which is ultimately why I chose to share.


A while ago I made an attempt to exfoliate my eczema. I knew it wouldn’t cure my condition, but I was curious to see how things would turn out. Turns out, it was a mistake. My skin was much worse. It got red and bumpy. It was aggravated and honestly didn’t look like my skin at all. When/if I exfoliate in the future, I certainly know which parts of my body I need to avoid.

Get too comfortable

Sometimes, my skin is good. I mean really good. So good, I almost forget about my condition entirely. And that’s the foolish part. I never want to get so comfortable in a state of remission that I allow myself to fall into another depression during a flare. My skin is sensitive so it’s really hard to stay in one state for long. I have no time to be mesmerized but a temporary state.


I have the hairiest arms…and for good reason too! Anywhere my eczema decides to call home, will also be the home of hair. I’ve made attempts at shaving around my eczema before, but as I previously stated, my skin is sensitive. The slightest aggravation could cause pain and agony for weeks or more!

Dwell on my eczema

While this is one I’m still working on, I think it still counts. Dwelling on my condition is a thing of the past. I simply can’t afford to anymore. It saddens me and only causes more stress on my already fragile body. I never want to be the person I once was, always with hurt feelings because I brought myself down about a condition completely out of my own control. I refuse to dwell on something that only impacts a portion of me and in no way does it determine who I am or who I will become. I get sad sometimes. I also enjoy connecting with other people who live with the same, but gone are the days I sit, moping about what eczema has taken from me.

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