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When Eczema Keeps Coming Back

Have you ever had a good day, maybe even week or month, with your skin? Just glowing from head to toe. Can't complain about much of anything...then all of a sudden it's like your eczema knows it's given you too much of a break and decides to show it's ugly face? Yeah, same here.

Eczema keeps coming back

On the rare occasions when I forget about my condition, it always finds a way to sneak back into my life. It's like this annoying burden that just won't go away. Don't get me wrong. I think living with chronic conditions is a way to learn valuable life lessons that others may not learn, at least not as fast. I appreciate the experiences my condition has given me because I appreciate the lessons I've learned from them. What I don't appreciate is being tricked into thinking I'm better, if I'm not.

IBD and eczema

I also live with IBD. My outer appearance can sometimes change or be impacted by that as well. There have been times when my skin is perfectly fine, then my digestive disease starts acting up and there goes my clear skin! It sucks, but it's something I've learned to live with.

Clear gut, clear eczema

There are times with both of my conditions simultaneously fall into remission at the same time. I don't know why and I certainly don't know how, but I will suddenly become better. My IBD symptoms will subside and shortly after, my eczema flare seems to do the same. For a while earlier, this is how it was. My gut issues weren't as bad as they usually are and my skin seemed okay. Dry, but okay. I don't get too mad at my skin for being dry during the last few months of the year because that's just unreasonable!

Dry skin and winter eczema If "normal" healthy skin becomes dry around this time of year, who am I to think mine won't as well? I try to lower my standards just a little bit. I still want to take care of myself, but perfection is never the goal. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, especially during this time of the year.Clear skinEarlier this month I felt better than I'd felt in a while. It could have been the previous workouts or the fact that I started taking breaks from the gym. The sweat was bothering my skin, but incorporating my breaks and days off into my workout routine really helped a lot with the aggravation. My skin was clearing up and my body felt overall at peace.Or so I thought...For a while I thought this would become my new normal. Clear skin. Happy internally and externally. Feeling lighter. And of course, like an aggravating ex, my eczema shows up once again. It's frustrating. You get used to the little break and almost forget about your reality. Both a blessing and a curse if you ask me.

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