Can Exercise Improve Eczema?

Of course, exercise helps eczema. They both begin with "E" and have letters at the end of the alphabet. It’s truly a logical no-brainer. Seriously speaking, when talking about my current obsession with working out lately, when saying the word exercise aloud, I often get tongue-tied and say eczema instead. So, I’ll take a name that I first saw on the National Eczema Association’s Exposition schedule that included “ECZ-ercise” as a part of its program.

The cognitive benefits

Recently, learning new ways that exercise helps the body and mind function and the benefits of weight training, I’ve connected that to the unknown positive possibilities for eczema from working out. The New York Times Magazine titled, “Brain Health: Expand Your Memory, Know Your Brain, Stay Sharper Longer” has articles that mention research studies on proof of exercise being a key game-changer in every scenario given for bettering all cognitive behavior. It is well known that exercise gives positive endorphins. Still, in studies with severe cognitive cases like mild dementia, there was an improvement in memory and agility from working out, particularly strength training.1

Building mental strength

Yes, we’ve all been told that exercise is good for you, but it’s not just a feel-good activity that you’re just as good without. Exercise can actually make you better than you were before or, at the very least, functioning back to a normal level of overall health.2 The New York Times article was all about mental improvements, but the mind is one of, if not our greatest, tools, and having a healthy mind makes it way easier to battle hard times like physical ailments than a negative or lower functioning one. If exercise were only about keeping a desired figure, I would never do it. In my opinion, when going on a workout journey, the external physical enhancements should be only a footnote on your reasons why.

How does that help with eczema?

Now that it is clear that exercise can do more than get you in shape, but also how it trains your mind mentally and gives you a greater quality of life, this is why I say exercise can help your eczema. The less negative you feel about yourself or life in general, the more you can face your eczema concerns clear-minded. In addition, exercise can be as simple as doing stretches. It makes a big difference for your body and especially the lymphatic system. If able, you have to get that system moving and increase blood flow for your largest organ daily to begin to detox what is causing your skin to react.

Focus on healing

When I was bed-ridden for a period while dealing with topical steroid withdrawal, of course, I did not work out at all. Sometimes your body does need prolonged stillness to only work on healing, but for the mild, moderate, or even somewhat severe eczema patients starting with stretching and working your way up to other programs you enjoy will assist your health goals. It will tremendously aid in keeping your eczema to a minimum, along with the rest of your healthy lifestyle. So, get to ECZ-ercising and let me know what some of your favorite workouts and moves are. I hope to continue being consistent and share some moves in the future.

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