My Favorite "Go To" for Inner Calm

Fact: Did you know that the heart is 100,000 times electrically stronger and 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the brain? Recent research proves the heart as the most powerful electrical and magnetic field generator in the human body, despite the belief that our brain is our primary power potential!

So what does this have to do with eczema?

What is the Heart-Brain Coherence?

We have 40,000 concentrated brain-like cells in our heart, called sensory neurites. They say it’s the little brain in the heart. These sensory neurites can learn, think, and remember independently from the brain and can communicate separately through our hearts. Science shows that the brain and the heart independently are incomplete. When we marry the heart and the brain, we harmonize the little brain in the heart and the big brain in the head, creating Heart-Brain Coherence.

Still, what is the purpose of this Heart-Brain Coherence in relationship with eczema?

What does it have to do with healing?

The state of coherence is vitally important in helping us maintain our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Basically, when we are in a coherent state, no energy is wasted. All of our systems are performing optimally, and there’s a synchronization within our bodies. This technique invites a shift from stressed out to an instant inner peace, taking us back to the natural inner harmony that exists within us. This technique can be especially useful when negative emotions begin to infiltrate, such as frustration, irritation, anxiety, fear, and anger (incoherent states), which are a major cause of inflammation in the body, exacerbating eczema. When we harmonize the heart and the brain, what happens is we are actually giving our body permission to awaken to our own inherent healing chemistry. There are a plethora of benefits to creating this coherence which include calmness, good energy levels, clear thinking, intuition, creation, and excellence for triggering healthy immune system function.

Create a state of coherence

Each of us is capable of achieving, maintaining, and increasing our coherence. A very simple path to learn coherence is through intentional positive feelings (which I will guide you through shortly). These positive feelings include compassion, caring, gratitude, and appreciation or love. With practice, the state of coherence can become deeper and more profound and, we can develop a state of greater coherence at will.

We can create a coherent state in a few short minutes with the simple steps that can create a powerful shift:

Step 1

Begin to shift your awareness from your thinking mind to your heart. I invite you to gently touch your heart center (the center of your chest) if that feels comfortable. Right over your sternum, you can place a single finger or an open palm. This gesture is so important because your awareness will always go to the area on your body where you feel the touch. This sends a powerful signal to your body that you are turning your attention inward.

Step 2

Begin to slow down your breathing. Maybe a 5-second inhale and a 5-second exhale can simply slow your breathing a little more than normal. Begin to feel as if your breath is coming in and going out through your heart area. This step is also key because when you slow down your breathing, it tells the body that you are in a place where you feel safe, so you are letting your body know “I am safe.” This process frees your body to let go of the stress hormones. Continue breathing with this ease until you find a natural rhythm that feels comfortable for you.

Step 3

As you maintain your heart focus and heart breathing, this step is where the juice is. Start to create a feeling in your heart, where you feel the touch. If you can feel one or some combination of the following four feelings: care or appreciation, for anything or anyone, gratitude or compassion. One of the easiest ways to generate this positive heart-based feeling is to recall a special place, the love you feel for a close friend or family member, a cherished pet, or an experience you’ve had that brings forward any of these feelings. Once you create the feeling, now see if you can embrace the feeling to the best of your ability (Research has found that these 4 keywords will trigger the experience between our heart and brain to create coherence)!

Why is this my go-to?

Using this technique is an opportunity to cultivate greater resilience in finding more inner peace at the onset of a flare-up or for other challenging conditions that we might experience. Because you can practice this anywhere and any time, it has been an immediate “go-to" for me, allowing me to sustain the feeling of calm during the various upsets of eczema life, which is what ultimately maintains the optimal coherence for healing.

Stay tuned for a meditation recording to guide you through this process ❤

What is your favorite inner remedy?

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