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How to Start Your Year Fresh with Atopic Dermatitis

It’s a new year and with new years come new hopes, new dreams, not only that but new complications, fears, and expectations as well. The new year is a time when we tend to put the most pressure on ourselves because we feel that for some reason, the only chance to change and improve our lives is right now.

It’s not true…

Want to start over?

You don’t have to wait until January 1st to change your life. It’s never too early (or late) to better yourself. Often I find myself wanting a fresh start. To simply start over new. While I know this is not 100% possible, it’s also not impossible either. It’s silly to think that just because of the time or your circumstance, that you can’t have a new beginning. Our bodies and minds need a reset. A refresh.

Eczema stigma

Getting a fresh start with any chronic condition is extremely important. Many of us have been dealing with eczema or atopic dermatitis complications for years and so often struggle in silence because of the way our condition is viewed or portrayed in the media. Many of us live with discomfort and pain for fear of judgment by our friends and family, or even worse, our healthcare providers.

Not a cure, a new lease on life

A fresh start may not be a cure. It may not be able to completely take your condition away or remove all of the burdens it causes from your life, but it may be able to help you cope. A fresh start may be what you need to get a new lease on life and a fresh perspective on the condition you’re living with.

How to get a fresh start with eczema

  1. Break through the stigma: There’s a stigma out there that it’s “just a rash” or “just eczema.” There’s no just about it. Living with any condition hurts, atopic dermatitis included. Break through the stigma that your condition doesn’t matter. Don’t allow anyone or anything to make you feel like it doesn’t.
  2. Stop being paranoid: No one’s looking, and if they are? Forget them. Who cares? Don’t forget, you don’t know why they’re looking. You may think they’re staring at your flare when in reality, they’re appreciating your beauty. Stop being paranoid. Don’t worry about who looks or what anyone else thinks. You’re beautiful. Be confident and embrace it.
  3. Don’t allow it to steal your joy: Don’t allow your condition to take anything away from you. Your joy included. You deserve happiness. Whether you’re flaring or not, you deserve to enjoy being comfortable in your own skin. Anyone who can’t appreciate that doesn’t deserve the privilege of being in your presence.
  4. Just do it: Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. Don’t allow your condition to dictate how your life is going to go. Don’t miss another event. Don’t decline another invite. Put yourself out there. Allow yourself to be happy by investing that time, love and attention into yourself. See how it changes your perspective.

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