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Hypnotherapy - Healing On A Deeper Level

Since starting my topical steroid withdrawal journey, I began diving in and learning about different natural healing modalities.

A big one includes how our mindset is one of the things that dictates our reality and experiences. I read tons of books on this topic and absorbed all the information I could.

The beginning of hypnotherapy

However, I have to say I did not start to experience the full power of this until I started my journey with hypnotherapy. I started just last year, and so much has shifted within me and in my life since. Now, all of that information finally makes sense, and I have been able to actually start embodying the teachings.

First, let me say I had no idea that hypnotherapy would be such a profound experience. In fact, I didn't really think it would do much at all. I was so very wrong. It ended up changing me and my entire life.

It is not only about positive thinking

Positive thinking and self-help books make it seem like all you need to do is think happy thoughts, and you will manifest happiness. However, that is not exactly the full picture. It can actually work against us and create a habit of toxic positivity instead. Allow me to do my best and explain why I believe this.

To start with, positive thinking without first clearing and healing our traumas and deep wounds typically does very little. It is sort of like putting a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

Healing traumas

In order to heal a traumatic event and everything that comes with it, we have to get to the root, dig it out, and feel all the feelings first. Hypnotherapy allowed me to do just that. By being guided to enter a relaxed trance, I regressed to some of my life's most painful and life-changing moments. By doing this, I could finally express and feel all the feelings I couldn't in that moment. Typically, at those moments, we go into a fight, flight, or freeze response, which means we cannot process the emotions. It is our minds' way of protecting us to survive.

The problem is the emotionally charged energy gets stuck in our bodies and can create "dis-ease" later down the line.

Feel it to heal it

The only way we can heal something fully is by feeling it fully and allowing it to permeate every cell of our being. In other words, as I'm sure you've heard - "the only way out is through."

By only utilizing positive thinking, we focus only on the thinking and the conscious mind. We end up neglecting the heart and the subconscious mind, which is much more powerful. No matter how much we try - we cannot think ourselves out of our emotions. We have to feel them.

Hypnotherapy was a safe space

Hypnotherapy provided a safe space for me to begin to do this finally. By now, I have done at least 10 regressions (in addition to healing sessions) on various traumas and events in my life. These have ranged from early childhood, as young as 2 years old, to the present day. For many years, I attempted to do this on my own but could not get past the fear and other emotions and feel safe enough to process it all.

Thankfully, I got lucky - my hypnotherapist is truly a beautiful soul and one of the best people I've had the pleasure of having on my journey. She helped me clear out more trauma and self-limiting beliefs than regular CBT therapy did in over a decade of using it.


This, in turn, has also reflected on my skin, which has continued to heal despite not using medication anymore. While I still have "setbacks," I am much more stable and equipped to deal with them. As I continued to do this work, my mindset gradually changed from a more pessimistic one to a positive one.

So, in my opinion, the magic lies in integrating the mind and the heart. Or, as Dr. Joe Dispenza calls it: "heart-brain coherence."

It is not only about thinking positively. It is about learning to feel all the feelings - whether you perceive them as "good" or "bad." It is about giving yourself permission to be human. And being human means experiencing a wide range of emotions.

When we give ourselves permission and space to do this, our entire inner reality begins to change. Eventually, the external follows to reflect it as well.

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