A hand showing patches of eczema holds an alarm clock.

Tired of Eczema Consuming My Time

I'm tired of this everyday routine.

Eczema can be such a draining condition. Sometimes it's okay to just vent and tell people that you are tired. I am tired of having to deal with my skin on a daily basis. It can be tiresome because I don't know when all the flaring is going to end. Yet I continue to follow my everyday routine, hoping it will be the last time I will have to deal with this condition. It is not easy even when trying to bring out the positive side of dealing with eczema. I acknowledge that I am trying my best to deal with my skin, and sometimes I just need to let it all out. There are going to be good days and then also bad.

How much time does eczema take from my day?

When dealing with a chronic skin condition, it can take up a lot of energy. It is okay to be tired of the routine. I have recently been thinking about how much time my skin condition takes from my day. I hadn't stopped to think about how much time is consumed throughout my day thinking about my condition, managing my skin, preparing my skin for the day, and buying products for my skin.

How does eczema consume my thoughts?

One thing we all have in common is that time flies. I've been going through the motion of days and not stopping to realize how tiresome dealing with a condition can be. When I start my day, I wake up, and the first thing I think about is my skin. I then go to a mirror or analyze parts of my body I am flaring. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Then I proceed about my day and moisturize my hands about a thousand times. I'd like to note that I am trying to use less moisturizer so my body can do its own thing right now. Also, I cleanse my face one time per day, which I do at night when I shower before bed.

How does working from home help?

Luckily, I am able to work from home, which allows me to manage my skin condition easier. If I were to work in the office, I would have to take more breaks and longer time managing my skin. At home, I am able to have all my supplies in case I become itchy throughout the day and be able to apply something quickly.

How is managing my skin a physical and emotional drain?

It might seem like a skin condition would not be difficult to treat or take time out of your day. Yet, it takes a lot of effort, both physically and mentally. When dealing with skin conditions, it is not just a one-day thing. Rather it is an everyday thing.

So I'd like to say it's okay to be tired and not be able to do things. When dealing with activities of daily living, it can be tough to find the energy to get things done. I want to let you know that it is not your fault that you are tired. Also, I want to mention that no one is perfect. Some days can be better than others. I allow myself to rest and stay at home sometimes. Your loved ones will understand. They know you are trying your best and want to heal from your condition. Allow yourself to feel mad, tired, and angry.

In the end, remember that hopefully, this will all end one day, and you will be healed. It will all be put in the past, and you will be able to live without the worry of eczema.

Remember that you are stronger than eczema.

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