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Why Do I Overheat at Night?

It's a strange thing, but every time I go to bed, about an hour or so in, I feel my whole body burning up. I never go to bed with my central heating on, and bear in mind that it includes the middle of winter, and yet, I still seem to get so hot. Just for the record, I'm not overweight (126Ib), and I'm 5ft 4" tall or short, depending on how you view it! I sleep in my boxer shorts only, so It’s not like I have loads of layers on at night.

Overheated and itchy at night

The overheating causes me to sweat and then the itching begins. You might say just to throw off the covers and sleep without anything over me, but this is not practical. As soon as I take the covers off within a few minutes, I start to get cold. I don't know what the answer is. Has anyone got any tips? I have an air conditioning unit but this is only good for the summer. The problem here is the overheating, not in the room but under my duvet.

Am I experiencing topical steroid withdrawal?

Right now, I am going through a bad time with my eczema. I think it’s because I am no longer applying steroid ointments to my skin. They are always just a short fix and don't get to the root of the problem. So I guess my body is going through withdrawal symptoms, one of which may be overheating. I don't know, though, because I have always felt hot during the nights, so I'm unsure whether I'm focusing on it too much now because I have stopped the steroid application.

I sometimes imagine, if I pressed a magic button on the side of my bed, deep within my mattress, cold air would instantly be activated and rise, cooling my body temperature. That would be nice, wouldn't it?!

Relief from my morning shower

I have been waking up every morning around 10 am. When I rise from my bed, I feel like the Tin Man in Victor Fleming's 1939 classic - The Wizard Of Oz. My skin feels so dry and sore and any movement can cause certain areas to crack and bleed. It mainly occurs behind my knees, in the joints of my elbows, and across my neck. This uncomfortableness vanishes as I get into my nice hot shower. Sure, there is the initial stinging from the first drops of water onto my skin, but after a minute or two, it is absolutely glorious. I never want to get out. It brings me such relief. It makes me feel so privileged to have access to hot water. I try never to take this for granted. Applying my moisturizer just after I have patted myself dry is essential in keeping that water locked into my skin, and again, it feels lovely after a nice hot shower. I am able to move freely and without pain. It means I can enjoy the morning with a good healthy breakfast.

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