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Relationship Tips for Eczema Warriors

Relationships in the eczema community are not very common. In this community, many people fear becoming romantically involved with someone due to being judged for their skin. I am here to tell you that you will find someone who will look beyond your physical appearance. Physical appearance is not the only thing that people worry about. That said, the idea of being rejected because of the commitment involved in being in a relationship with someone with a skin condition can be scary.

Tip #1

Let the person know who you truly are, and don't change for someone. It will not work if you have to hide information or things you like. You have to be comfortable with being yourself around this person. This person will be with you a majority of the time, and if you are not yourself, you will not be happy.

Tip #2

When you meet someone and they are the right person, you will know. You will feel something special which you haven't felt before. This person will love you for who you are inside and out. They will love everything about you and not care about your physical appearance.

Tip #3

I think being upfront about your eczema is huge because being in a relationship with someone with a skin condition is a huge commitment. When you are in a relationship, there will always be a commitment, but dealing with a skin condition can take a bit more. From the beginning, I would want to know if the person I am talking to will be there for me. There are going to be good times but also bad times. The bad times are when you realize that you have someone willing to be with you through it all.

Tip #4

Remember to stop and breathe deeply. At one point or another, we have all heard the phrase,"everything happens for a reason." Also, the saying, "things will happen when they are meant to happen." I completely agree that the universe will bring you great things when the time is right. Maybe right now is the time for you to work on yourself and better yourself. You might not be ready to bring on a relationship, but it does not mean that you will not be ready in the future.

Tip #5

Lastly, remember to keep trying and not give up. Once you feel ready and committed to starting a relationship, give it a try. Be patient with yourself and know that you are courageous for putting yourself out there. You never know when you will find someone who appreciates, values, and loves you unconditionally. Remember that you are so much more than just your skin. Happy healing to all of you skin warriors! :)

What dating tips do you have when going on a first date? What are strategies in which you have been successful in finding a soulmate?

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