3 Home Remedies for Atopic Dermatitis

There are times when it’s good to call the doctor about your itchy atopic dermatitis problems. What if it’s not really all that bad of an outbreak? Is it safe to use home remedies for skin problems? I think if you have an ongoing conversation with your medical provider, it’s okay to self-treat at home. Just be sure that they know what you’re dealing with, and call them if you need back up.

Home remedies have been what most people trusted since the beginning of time. Maybe there are some tips that were passed down through the family. If atopic dermatitis runs in your genes, there may be a lot of great advice that is simply common knowledge to you. That’s the case with me. My grandma struggled with patches of psoriasis. I watched her “doctor” herself many times with good success.

3 Home remedies for skin problems


Cool Down

Overheated skin can be dry and itchy. The first step is to cool down. You might want to take a cool bath. See some ideas below for bath options. If that’s not possible, use cool washcloths on the hot area. Sometimes water can irritate skin more. If that’s the case, try an ice bag wrapped in a towel. Maybe removing a layer of clothing can help reduce the heat. If you’ve just finished an activity, drink some water to help cool you down from the inside out.


If the area is itchy and flaky, there is probably dryness. Try gently putting on a gentle fragrance-free moisture. Whether it is a natural oil, or a store bought lotion, rub it in until it is completely absorbed. Most of our kitchen cabinets have oils that are easy to use on the skin. Castor, almond, or even coconut oil can all help to take the scratch out of the itch long enough for us to relax.

Take a Bath

We keep a regular box of oats on hand just for taking a soothing bath. It’s easy to put the oats in a pair of pantyhose that have been cut off. Knee-high stockings are inexpensive and easy to use also. I put about a cup of oatmeal in and tie a knot at the top. It’s the perfect size for a full tub of water. Use less for a kiddo. It will slightly dissolve in the water, and coat you with a cooling sensation that will calm your skin down quickly.  You might have a slightly starchy feel after your bath. If so, just run cool water and use a cup to rinse your skin before you step out of the tub. Pat dry and moisturize.

It’s always wise to have a doctor on your team to advise you for skin problems. When you are in a pinch, these 3 home remedies for skin problems can get you started in the right direction. Once the skin is cool and dry, you can decide if medication, or medical advice is needed. In any case, you have the peace of mind that comes with calmer skin.

Have your own do-it-yourself home remedy for atopic eczema? Share what works for you and your family here!

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