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AD Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is such a wonderful time to celebrate our loved ones. It is an occasion to show love to those we care for most deeply and appreciate most greatly. Whether the people we show love to are our significant others, children, friends, or family, February 14th is one of many days to show what we feel in hearts.

Gift giving

It should never be the amount spent, but rather the amount of thought put into a gift that warrants appreciation for it. It should always be the intention behind the gift that is appreciated. But, sometimes, the good intent we have can do more harm than good when we neglect to consider the bigger picture of the effects our presents have on the presence of other conditions or ailments.

Find out their eczema triggers

When buying gifts for someone with atopic dermatitis, you should always consider how the gift affects the person who has the condition. If you know their triggers, you must avoid them if possible. If you do not know, do not be afraid to ask. Much like you would, or should never give a person with diabetes a sugary gift that their body cannot regulate, you should be mindful and not give a person with atopic dermatitis gifts their body cannot handle either.

Gift ideas:

Keeping in mind that everybody’s atopic dermatitis needs and reliefs are different, here are some possible atopic dermatitis-friendly gifts:

Navigating typical V-day gifts:

  • Stuffed animals: Bears and stuffed animals do not affect the skin much at all. So you can not likely go wrong with an adorable stuffed animal.
  • Flowers: Allergy-friendly flowers would also make a great gift that does not have to involve or affect the skin. Be sure to be mindful of your loved one’s allergies and sensitivities. Know their likes and dislikes and determine if flowers are of interest to them.
  • Gift cards: Gift cards are also a wonderful option for people with atopic dermatitis. You can not go wrong with allowing someone to buy their own products. I will amend this statement by saying, know your person. Some husbands and wives do not view gift cards as a genuine, effort-expending gift, however if the gift card is for a specific place that they like, they may enjoy it a great deal.
  • Experiences: Experiences sometimes make the best gift. Give your loved one the gift of a great memory such as a special date, picnic, hot air balloon.

Navigating more sensitive gifts:

  • Sensitive skin gift baskets: Moisturizing, sensitive skin product baskets. Sensitive skin products can be expensive. So buying a basket of skin-friendly products could be resourceful, beneficial, and a great way to show appreciation. Products like Aveeno have great gift baskets, gift sets, and great products. Dove also often sales great products and great gift sets. Perfumes and scented lotions may not be a great option for a person with atopic dermatitis.
  • Clothing: Clothing that is sensitive skin-friendly and least likely to cause irritation, such as cotton clothing, especially organic cotton, can be a great gift. White clothing with less colors may also be beneficial to people with sensitive skin or atopic dermatitis. Avoid scratchy clothing that will bother skin. Shoes may also be a great gift for people who suffer from atopic dermatitis. Buying shoes rather than clothes may be less risky if laundry detergent and clothing are a trigger for the person you are shopping for.

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