My Eczema Story: What I've Learned

I have had eczema for so long, I can't remember my first memories of it. What I can remember is how my eczema worsened as I got older, putting me on the rare side of statistics (usually children outgrow their eczema).

As a result I've gone through tons of different products (moisturizers, bath bombs, etc), tried different treatments (steroids, antibiotics, sleep aids, acupuncture, naturopathy, massage, cupping, dieting, yoga, phototherapy), and seen a lot of different medical practitioners.

Nowadays, I look back and focus on all the collected learned moments from my years with eczema, using them to keep me moving forward.

What my eczema taught me

I have learned about wound care techniques, when my skin may be getting infected, when I'm finishing up a flare, and how to work around various skin stages.

I have had to learn how to live with eczema around life; to let it not slow me down academically as an undergrad, in getting a masters, and hopefully one day in pursuing a PhD.

I have learned that my skin doesn't stop people from loving me. I have found love and made life (had a baby in 2018) all while having eczema, and I've developed stronger relationships and more open communication because of it.

I have learned I can challenge my physical body to do all kinds of new things with eczema and all, like Tough Mudder races, 5ks, yoga teacher trainings.

I have created and recreated career plans for myself, switching from clinical to advisory professions to accommodate my skin's unpredictable behaviors, keeping my mind flexible and my dreams growing.

I have learned prioritize and continue to improve on managing my stress levels. I've learned to let go, to breathe.

I have learned to appreciate sleep so so so much more, and to know that healing takes a lot of time and a lot of TLC.

The power of sharing

I have learned that it's important to share what I'm going through; there are others out there that may not yet have found their voice, or who are looking to find someone who shares their experience.

I have learned that I'm not alone, and neither are you.

What has eczema taught you?

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