Adult Eczema Relief: Holistic NAET Treatment and Diet

I appreciate every single person who posted their personal eczema adventure.

My family is prone to eczema. Most likely coming from my mother’s genetic side as she has allergies. And as most of you know, if you have allergies you most likely would be prone to eczema.

I am 57 now. I gradually started getting eczema about 7 years ago. It started with my neck. Months later I had it on my left arm. Months later my right arm. As time went on, it was on my back. I thought to myself how lucky I am at least it’s not on my legs. Well as time went on, I got it on my legs.

Naturopath suggested NAET and diet

I was already going to a naturopath who does testing as well as NAET muscle testing for allergies. The NAET treatments helped desensitize my sensitivity/allergies to so many foods and environmental allergens (trees, pollen, weed, mold, dogs, cats, etc). So sad how my list of sensitivities/allergies goes on and on.

Throughout this period she helped me with gut health. I had to change my diet: no sugar, no white carbs. No sugar was the most difficult. I love my cupcakes, chocolates, and just daily basic foods that have hidden sugar. I did a lot of testing and my gut had candida, then I had small intestine bacteria overgrowth. Later I had candida again.

Consistency can be a struggle

And during this period of hard anguish, I have used cortisone which is only temporary relief. I also used Protopic which I hate and it wasn’t even helpful at all. I tried light therapy and it dried out my skin.

Since last year, I have not had eczema I have started to cheat: having a cupcake now and then, eating sourdough bread (yum). I still try to eat clean as much as possible. I am still working on muscle testing/treatments on my own as the trees, grasses, weeds are endless. Now and then I get my naturopath to check me to see where I am with my self-treatments.

Recent flare up from menopause

This September will be a full year with absolutely no eczema. I don’t want to jinx myself as I know I have a spot that has been a bit itchy so now I’m back to eating totally clean again. For myself I know I was prone to eczema but in the transition to menopause, I’m sure that was why my eczema flared up. As well, my gut health was not the best.

Getting to the root of eczema

As I read each of your stories my heart goes out to every single person, especially children. We all struggle and try so many methods - a basket full of creams, ointments, cortisone, etc… just for a mere moment of relief. I have found getting to the root of the issue is so important for the long run. I am blessed to have a stay-at-home/flexible job as it sure made my journey much smoother.

Itchy eczema on my back

By the way, unfortunately, I could only upload one picture. Otherwise, I would upload the transformation of my eczema throughout the 2 years that I did have pictures taken. The one I uploaded is the worst, itchy, painful, and not just on my back but everywhere.

How has eczema impacted your life?

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