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Alternative Treatment for Eczema

I suffered from eczema in my childhood well up to my adult life here are some steps I have taken that helped me eradicate eczema along with my associated symptoms like asthma.

1) Drinking loads of water and maintaining weight.

2) Consume fresh fruits and vegetables, at least 1 bowl per day.

3) Consume avocado and capsules containing omega3 fatty acids everyday (for vegans try this :- in a fry pan roast groundnuts, flaxseeds, melon/pumpkin/sunflower seeds, almonds and sesame seeds. Once cool grind it the mixture coarsely. Add Jaggery and a teaspoon of clarified butter also called as Ghee into this mixture. Make into balls and consume everyday)

4) Cook vegetables with mustard seeds and make curry using turmeric.

5) Yoga will not help Jesus Christ will

6) In times of extreme itch, take ground oats mix in milk in a steel tumbler. Place water to boil and place the steel tumbler into the hot water bath keep stirring and adding milk to reach a creamy consistency, when the mix is light warm, apply on the affected area and leave to dry. Don't use soap or body washes

7) Drink chamomile tea after bath and apply calendula cream on the affected area immediately after bath. If using soap is absolutely necessary pour a capful of oilatum body wash in your lukewarm water and scrub very lightly

😎 Wash your body at least twice a day ditch the steroids and antibiotics. Stop consuming milk it is a major irritant of the digestive system

9) Other extremely effective moisturizers are aveeno moisturizing lotion, liquid paraffin oil and coconut oil mixed with olive oil

10) To eliminate discoloration at least thrice a day perform abhigyaan which is hot or warm oil massage of whole body. In a bowl containing warm sesame oil, coconut oil and almond oil add 3 to 4 tsps of lemon juice and apply on body

Eliminate stress, exercise, love your body, believe in yourselves and PRAY, these remedies work. Trust me just do these for a month and you will see the difference

  1. Some excellent remedy suggestions. However, I fail to see the benefit or relevance of the Christ over yoga comment 🤔

    1. Hi , I'm sure this post will help many in trying to tackle their AD. And great to hear your eating/drinking routine has given you some relief.

      1. Hi , thanks for sharing about what has helped you feel better. I'm glad that sticking to certain foods, drinking lots of water, and hot oil massage has brought you relief. Also, that's wonderful your faith has had such an impact. You may be able to relate to this article written by Ashley about how her faith has helped her: Best wishes for continued eczema relief.
        -Sarah ( Team Member)

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