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Dermatitis (??) around the eyes. Help please

Where to begin... This probably started around 2 months ago with extremely dry and gritty eyes which I would rub quite seriously in my skin issues then.

However I've started getting itchy patches around my hands, fingers + neck and assume its something similar to whatever is happening with my eyes...

Mostly my lashline is itchy, the surrounding skin usually not. I moisturise several times a day using QV cream and have tried Siguent Hycor as well as Elidel but neither work. In fact Elidel seems to aggregate my skin.

Any ideas on what cream I can use to reduce the redness?

Going to book in to see dermatologist but we know how long the wait is for that...

  1. Sorry this is happening! I agree with Peter that the eye area is soooo sensitive that it is tough to recommend because we all have different tolerances. The sea salt-water rinsing is a great suggestion. Or Himalayan works well too. Then using a warm or cold rage and let sit on your eyes is good too. I often would have to try different temperatures and see how my skin reacts. I personally have used a little Tumeric or baking soda on a disposable cloth too with lots of water for about 15mins. My eyes use to puff up all the time every morning and I’d take time to do this until the allergy season ended.

    Ultimately, increasing free ginger root and and anti-inflammatory foods in your diet is also a plus. Hopefully with that and suggestions from dermatologist you’ll get relief! I’ve been prescribed medicated eye drops before even. But your Derm should be able to help with what’s best!

    1. Thanks for getting into contact with us Tbox_. So sorry to hear you are suffering with your eyes. It is a very delicate area...knowing what creams/ointments to use is very difficult to advise as everyone reacts differently to certain meds. I would say one thing that helps me with this is to use warm salty water and cotton wool and clean your eyes gently in the evenings. If you, like me, react badly to pollen and house dust etc, this is a good way to clean eye-lash area where certain airborne dusts can gather which normally results in having itchy eyes! Hopefully your dermatologist will be able to advise you further! Good luck and please let us know how you get on?!! Pete (Atopic -Team Member)

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