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Avoiding triggers: certain foods, cosmetics, and detergents

Hi everyone, I'd like to share some tips that helped me heal my atopic dermatitis. I had been dealing with eczema since I was 10 months old, and I managed to heal it only two years ago, when I was approx. 28. There's plenty you can do, but I strongly recommend to leave out gluten, sugar, and cow's milk. I also started to eat only organic foods and use natural cosmetics and detergents. There are also things you can use to regulate your atopic genes - I've read plenty of new scientific studies about epigenetics, and can recommend Tulsi (holy basil), coconut oil, and apples (organic!).

I wish you all the best with your skin. 😀

  1. Hello , I've just read this and am very pleased you found a solution with your eczema. You must feel so energised and relieved that you don't have this burden hanging down on you anymore. Well done indeed and thank you for sharing. I have to say, as an AD sufferer myself, I completely agree with you on leaving out sugar, gluten, and cow's milk (though I realise everyone is different and may need to consult their GP). I have done the same as you, although I'm not overly strict on ruling out gluten, and although I'm not in your position of being eczema free, my skin has certainly improved in comparison to how it has been in the past. Hope things are still going well for you. Pete ( - site moderator

    1. Hi , thanks for sharing your personal tips! That's wonderful that you're feeling better now after making all of those lifestyle changes. It's important for individuals to consult their doctor before trying. I'm sharing some articles about,natural makeup and laundry Love that you're keeping informed and reading studies about these things! Let us know if you learn anything new! Thanks for being part of this community. -Sarah ( Team Member)

      1. Good question, , I’m hoping that will come back and give us more information about it. What I’ve found online is that tulsi is also called holy basil and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. It seem to have many uses, but also some contra-indications, so should probably be used only in consultation with your doctor. Hope this helps, and please come back with any other questions you might have as you roam around our site. Cora Lyn, Team Member

      2. - Here is a link to a forum about coconut oil ( which you might find helpful. It sounds like it can be beneficial for some but not for everyone. As @coralynsears suggested you may want to check with your doctor to see if it might be right for you!

        Take care,
        -Sarah ( Team Member)

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