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Sunscreen use w/eczema

Now that summer is starting what kind of sunscreen will you be using?

which are the brands that are more skin friendly?

  1. I use Pacifica everything. The face serum, primer, and body milk are what I use daily, outside or not. I add the actual sunscreen if I’m going outside. The after sun body spray helps cool you down, and in my case helped me stop itching after I overheated. The top row is my regular skincare stuff from them. Ulta almost always has a buy one get one sale for this brand. I’ve never had a breakout from their products in 2.5 years and I’ve tried dozens of them.
    Pacifica Products

    1. I will check these out when I go to ulta next time. Thank you so much for the suggestion!! 😀

    2. Thanks for sharing this @ellaro95 - very helpful! It is so important for eczema patients to protect their skin from the sun so making sure we are using the most effective lotions/creams is really vital in ensuring we do not irritate our skin further. Pete ( Team Member)

  2. I love Pacifica. It’s what I use for my whole body. You can get it at ulta or online. They have tons of products and I’ve never had a breakout from anything I’ve tried in 2.5 years.

    1. These products look lovely! I like the colorful packaging. That sun body spray sounds very soothing, too. It can be a struggle finding products that don't cause breakouts/flares with skin conditions. Your photos and comments are incredibly helpful. Thanks for contributing to this forum!! -Sarah ( Team Member)

    2. these are very helpful! I like Pacific’s nail polish as they were one of the firsts I've seen with 7-free or 12 in store at Ulta because other brands started. I’ll check them out.

      Supergoop is a company that I've used in the past and plan on buying again. They have a lot of different types of sunscreens types and cruel free, etc. They try to go by European guidelines of chemicals not to include in products!

  3. Thank you for starting this forum topic, ! I look forward to hearing what everyone is using. -Sarah ( Team Member)

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