Preparing for the Holidays, COVID-Style

It is already mid-November and 2020 is heading to a close. The leaves are finally turning colors and the winds are picking up where I am located. While the pandemic is still actively present, I find myself realizing we will be celebrating differently this year, yet again.

A different holiday season this year

Instead of organizing and packing to go out of town to see others as I normally would, I have been preparing to decorate my house to help bring the feel of the holiday. As I page through the weekly grocery advertisements, I decide to start to include the needed items and meal planning for Thanksgiving Day, including extra water and moisturizers to keep my skin hydrated.

Preparing for a Thanksgiving meal for 2

This is the first Thanksgiving meal that my husband and I will be preparing for together without being without our family or friends. As I prepare my lists for various supplies of proper cooking tools and supplies, foods and beverages, etc., I am immersing myself in the adventure of finding the best tips and tricks to learn how to cook a turkey and all the fixings.

All that I am grateful for

However, before I get distracted and caught up with the busyness, it is important to me to acknowledge and remember how blessed and grateful I am especially as an eczema warrior, for all that I have and for all those individuals in my life. I wanted to take some time to recall and take stock of my blessings and what I am thankful for what really matters.


I have my B-L-E-S-S-I-N-G-S:

  • Balance: Making sure to separate time for resting, having fun in addition to working.
  • Laughter: When I watch a funny movie or listening to my nephews tell me their jokes.
  • Envelopes:  Writing cards and messages to loved ones instead of sending text messages.
  • Smiling:  By doing so, it is a quick way to show kindness to yourself and my neighbors.
  • Self-care:  Making sure to continue my skin regimen of hydration/moisturizing and rest.
  • Investing: For every bill I pay, I am able to save for a rainy day.
  • Notebook: Being able to notate in my journal to list my ideas and track my flares, etc.
  • Giving gifts: To family members and friends whether they are handmade or purchased.
  • Seeds: Being able to add new plants to my garden.


Also, I am T-H-A-N-K-F-U-L:

  • Time: Taking 5 minutes or an hour, I like to be able to pause during the day to reflect.
  • Hope: For another day of no skin flares.
  • Adventure: Whether it be small or large.
  • New days:  Each day brings new opportunity to grow and change.
  • Keeping a positive attitude: This is a must for me.
  • Family and friends: They are my treasures.
  • Understanding: Being part of a great community with my fellow eczema warriors.
  • Learning: Having access to great online resources to learn and connect with others.

Now that my list is done to reflect upon these next few weeks, it is time to get back to my meal planning and shopping lists. What are some things that you are blessed and thankful for during this holiday season?

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