A man puts his hands over his eyes in pain.

Up Ahead: Eye Infections, Asthma, and Eczema

The summer has finally got its boots on and zipped up tight here in the UK, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees celsius this week. I would argue that the majority of the atopic dermatitis community has been after some much-needed sun for some time now. Especially after a long and grueling winter season. However, we cannot afford to take our foot off the gas, staying with my road/highway metaphor. The warmer season brings different challenges, including trying to regulate our body temperatures and avoiding excessive sweating, keeping cool at night, recognizing our hay fever triggers, and for some of us, our asthma triggers too. It is a continuing battle, always looking over our shoulders for the next attack. We know the strike is coming, but from what direction? We are always uncertain and on edge.

Do you get more eye infections?

If you are like me, then you will get more eye infections during this season. No matter how much I try and prepare for it, I can never win this particular battle. Today, for instance, I am holed up in my apartment with puffy red eyes, which directly impacts my facial eczema. I need to go out and get some eye drops, but I am procrastinating. I personally find it tricky trying to be proactive where itchy eyes are concerned. All you can really do in advance is take antihistamines which does help. But when the pollen is high, and the air feels sticky and humid, you are fighting against the tide. Eye-drops have a short shelf life, so you have to buy them when you are mid-itchy-eye attack!

Increasing your meds

My asthma has been a little concerning recently. I have increased my meds, but I think I must have reacted too slowly. I will win this particular battle as I have now up'd my Seretide dosage (my doctor and I have spoken about this, so it's not me taking action into my own hands without professional advice). I also have my magic pills: Montelukast, a drug that helps to reduce the swelling in the airways that I have not yet used. It is very comforting to know they are in the cupboard when I need them. I have increased my moisturizing applications and am taking antihistamines every morning and sometimes at night.

Eczema is not overly horrendous

It seems that there is no pleasing us eczema warriors. We have spent most of the year maligning the winter season, and now here I am doing the same about the summer season. In truth, I am far happier during this season because the sun is better for my skin. It generally looks less dry and irritable, and you do not get the winter cracks. The only real difficulty is the adaptation from one extreme season to another.ย  Currently, my eczema is not overly horrendous. If I can stay on top of my eye infections, I reckon I could be in for a pretty great summer.

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