Skin Wars: The Eczema Strikes Back!

It has nearly been a month since I came off prednisolone. I am still using a steroid ointment twice a week on the most affected patches — wrists, hands, neck, and legs. But I am totally off of the pills.

How did my skin react?

My eczema started to stir in the first week of coming off. I noticed that my skin started to dry up and peel on my wrists and legs. No big deal. Then, post two weeks, I observed that my nice shiny sheen complexion started to return to its dull ashen appearance.

How were my eyes affected?

The whites of my eyes had lost their brilliant ice-white shine. They also became very itchy, the eyeballs, not around the eyes. My eczema had woken up, but just as Luke Skywalker waited for his moment to attack the Death Star in Star wars (1977), I was ready and waiting to zap the hell out of my eczema!

How am I now, a month later?

Now, nearly a month since coming off the prednisolone, I would say that I have been coping reasonably well. I made sure I was proactive with keeping on top of my eye treatment; all the various eye drops for dry and itchy eyes helped massively in staving off the itch, which meant that the skin around the eyes remained in good condition.

How have I changed my moisturizing habits?

I doubled up on my moisturizing which has helped greatly too. I do itch, but the flares, touch wood, aren't lasting all that long. And the moisturizer is doing its job acting as a barrier to the skin very well.

It has been hard to control the cuts that have opened on my shoulders and back area, but I still feel I have control. It has spread out and in wider areas and is awkward to reach, so applying the ointment can be difficult.

How have I been sleeping?

My sleep pattern has been fantastic. I am able to relax and get my 6-8 hours in, which has been a literal lifesaver. It has enabled me to feel fresh and full of energy during the daytime.

How have I managed my diet and exercise?

Exercise-wise, I am walking approximately two miles most days. If I am feeling really wild, I may even use the exercise bike.

Staying on top of my diet has been key too. Making sure I am healing on the inside is just as important as healing on the outside — lots of great food, fruit, vegetables, fish, etc.

Is this different than before?

Even though I am keeping my eczema at bay, I can't really remember the time frame between coming off steroids and returning to bad skin in previous years. I hope I am not being too naive. This time does feel different, but that might be because I have never before been so determined to beat this thing. I am now in sunny Ibiza, the land of wonderful weather and beautiful music. I have no doubt that the sea air and good food will do me good. It is another way I can prevent my eczema from a full return.

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