Hearing About Exfoliation for the First Time

I recently shared my experience exfoliating my arms with charcoal and an exfoliating brush. It was...an interesting experience. I didn't love it, but it also wasn't the worst thing I'd experienced with my eczema.

The same eczema skincare routine

Being diagnosed with my condition at such a young age, I've tried a slew of different treatments. Each one I would approach with optimism, and each time I would be unfortunately let down. During my childhood I had to try different medications. It was up to my family. What they said, went. I didn't question it too much, but after a while skincare quickly became old news when I transitioned into adulthood.

Nothing works anyway

Being an adult, I really didn't care at all about my skin. It was always the last thing on my mind. I didn't like lotion - I still don't. I hate creams and ointments. I hate feeling sticky. I hate feeling greasy. I hate trying product after product with little to no results. I hate the entire process of it all.

THAT person

Up until now, I've been okay with that. I've come to realize that it's simply the person I am. I cannot change it - this is somewhat true. I will NEVER like the feeling of creams and ointments. I will possibly always fail medications that are meant to improve the health of my skin. I will likely always be, that person. That's okay.

Glowing skin?

Browsing YouTube the other day I found a beautiful, young woman. She may have been a model, I'm not quite sure. Her skin was flawless. I'd never seen someone with skin so clear before in my life. It was almost like she was glowing. Can you imagine having skin so clear, it looks like you're glowing? I know I can't.


I watched a few of her videos and quickly realized I wasn't the only one who noticed this women's glow. She'd been asked so much about her skin care that she actually posted an entire video on what she does. She had other tips, but her main one!? "EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE!" It made a bit of sense, why her skin was so flawless and mine looked so bad. I'd never exfoliated in my life. I never even thought about it, to be honest. I heard other women speaking about it in their skincare routines, but I honestly couldn't care less - until now.

Exfoliating and eczema

I really wanted my skin to look like her's. I realize this was nearly impossible, but that wasn't going to stop me from trying. I was determined. That same night I went shopping for products using Amazon Prime. I wanted to get started on this new skincare/lifestyle, and I wanted to do it quick! The products arrived pretty fast. At first, I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated. Even just the initial process of browsing the products online was a new world for me! I didn't want to do anything wrong, more importantly, I didn't want to damage my skin more than it already has been.

Want to find out what exfoliating was like? Click here!

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