Share Your Story – Be Vulnerable

“Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.” – Brene Brown

I’ll never forget the day I decided to share my story.

Sharing my story for the first time

I was standing in my bathroom, pressing record on my tiny GoPro. It was situated towards the bathroom sink where I would be standing. With scissors in my hand and tears welling in my eyes, I proceeded to cut my beautiful hair.

You see, my horrific eczema had turned into the nightmare that is TSW – topical steroid withdrawal. My famously long hair, my favorite appendage, was falling out at a rapid rate, and my scalp was severely damaged with dry and hardened skin. I knew it was imperative that I share my journey and pain so others in my state could feel less alone. Quite frankly, so I could feel less alone.

Finding support

It taught me that, no matter how cruel the world can be, it is also filled with empathy, kindness, and encouragement. I would never have found the true meaning of support if I hadn’t reached through my computer screen and furnished my truth.

Many of us hide our insecurities – the rough skin, the flakes, the dark circles laden with insomnia from scratching ourselves to death. It can be so draining. It can be crushing.

There's beauty in vulnerability

But being vulnerable can be the brightest light in our darkest days. We can reflect on our own scars and rashes. There is no need to hide what high society has deemed as flaws. When we lessen our hold on perfection, we realize what a shackle she is to tether us back from our most authentic selves.

By bearing all, you are gifting yourself with peace of mind. And, you could possibly be gifting others with courage and clarity to do the same.

Start with those closest to you

The internet can be a vast chasm of confusion and anxiety. There is no need to dive down into the documenting crater that is social media. Start slow. If you want to share your story, share it first with those you trust and love. Building that support and confidence before wading into heavier waters is the best, most solid foundation you can give yourself.

Share it through a talent of yours

Think of how you can incorporate your story into something that is already an umbilical cord to joy and harmony.

  • Do you draw well? Create an eczema comic starring you!
  • Can you sing? Share short clips of your powerful voice belting your own personal ballads (it doesn’t have to be a video!).
  • Are you a chef, a seamstress, or a writer? First, deliver people your pleasures and the gifts you’ve been given to segue into sharing more about your trials and triumphs with eczema.

Find support through social media

If you want to elevate your story and share with more than your inner circle, then social media is where you begin. Join eczema groups and find eczema hashtags. See other gorgeous bodies and faces just like your own. Genuinely see that eczema is normal and should not be pressured to stay covered.

Get involved

Create a platform where your story can have a purpose. So many women and men have started full careers out of bravely owning their stories and molding a purpose around who they are and what they have to give. Some become dieticians. Some start their own product lines. Others work for companies that help those with skin ailments. Let your skin be a part of your success in living life to the fullest. Embrace it all.

Eczema doesn't define you

Just know that you matter. Our skin does not define us. It is only a piece of our being, one that can be flaunted with grace if only we stopped judging our reflection. Our skin is the largest organ we own. Let us share her with pride.

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