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Shaving Is Simply Not an Option

If you are a man and have facial eczema, you will know exactly what I mean when I speak of the nightmare that is shaving! I think I started shaving when I was about eighteen years old, and from then on, it has always been a horrible and painful chore. The main problem was that all the shaving foams/creams on the market were, and are still, not particularly great. Even the so-called "best for sensitive skin" ones. They all have perfumes and chemicals that can really irritate your skin, especially if you are prone to eczema.

Why was I so itchy after shaving?

For several years after shaving, I would literally itch my skin to bits. My skin had softened because of the shave and hot water. Straightaway, I would moisturize my face to lock in the water. However, shortly afterward, I would experience a major flare-up. The burning sensation that I felt was extremely unbearable. Not only was my skin bleeding, but it was horribly red and blotchy and not at all pleasant to look at. Another possibility that caused the itchiness was the little strips of tape on each blade of the razor. They have a sticky substance that is meant to cool the skin. Perhaps it has the reverse effect on eczema sufferers.

Why did I break my routine?

To try and combat this, I used to try and break my routine up a bit. Instead of shaving every day, I would shave every other day. Then, when that didn't work, I would shave using my moisturizer instead of the shaving foam. This never really worked either because the razor would get clogged up with the cream and it would not shave very effectively. It also hurt. I tried using electric shavers, but they really hurt and would cause a strange rash on my skin that did not seem to be eczema, so I soon put a stop to that pretty quick. All options did not seem to work so all I could do was shave twice a week.

My shaving routine was: First thing on Monday morning - the start of the week, then on Thursday evening. I did this for years and it was the best option for me. It was the best option out of a load of bad options. Hey ho!

What do I use now?

Hail to the beard trimmer! I do not think I have had a wet shave for about four or five years now. It's fantastic. I made the decision to stop shaving because it was just causing too much pain and stress and looking back I cannot believe it had taken me this long to make this choice. When I stumbled across the beard trimmer, it was like I had found a magic wand. So in short, growing a beard and keeping it short made my life a whole lot easier.  As the brilliant and inspirational author Shannon L. Alder puts it...“Life is as simple as these three questions: What do I want? Why do I want it? And, how will I achieve it?” It is very wise and, in this case, ever so slightly amusing because Alder is talking more profoundly about the complexities of life, whereas I'm drawing parallels with shaving. But you all take my point.

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