My Skin Tends to Be Calm in the Winter

As the seasons start to change, so does our skin. I have come to love the cold winter weather. I've started to love the cold weather because my skin tends to be calmer and less stressed.

The weather is just right where I live

I live in northern California, which tends to get cold down to 30 degrees in the early mornings but can go up to 60 degrees. I'm not living in a state in which there is snow or extremely cold weather. The weather is just right for my taste. I think it has a lot to do with the cold and how my skin is less likely to be sweaty. My skin tends to react to sweat and becomes irritated. Even if I am working out since it is cold, I tend to get less flared and itchy. Since it is only a few seconds of sweat and then the cold air helps out a lot.

I feel good at night

I also tend to feel good during the nighttime because I sleep with a fan on all night. If the room is not cold enough, I will get itchy and not sleep well. I have noticed if the room is too hot, I will wake up plenty of times throughout the night. Now that it is cold enough to leave a window slightly open during the night, it seems to work out better.

I feel free of judgment

Another reason why I love winter weather is that my skin can feel free of judgment. During the cold winter days, you can wear long-sleeve shirts and jeans without being judged. Compared to the summer heat when you are wearing long sleeves because your eczema is flaring and people are staring at you. People who are wondering what is wrong with that person wearing jeans on a hot summer day.

Don't get me wrong, my skin also loves the sun. Where I live in the summer, the weather tends to get hot, but it is not humid, which I have noticed my skin likes. Yet, there is something about the winter that makes my skin get more peaceful and relaxed.

A good winter is not guaranteed

As with everything, things tend to change. I hope that this winter is once again positive for my skin and works out in my favor. There have been times in which my skin did not like the cold weather, and I've had to make adjustments in my home to help my skin. For example, last winter, I bought an air purifier to help keep the humid air in the house. It would allow me to sleep better throughout the night and be more relaxed.

Monitor your skin for eczema

It is important to monitor your skin to see what is liking and what is not working as time goes by. By monitoring your skin, you are more likely to have it under control and flare less. What I do is look at every part of my body in the morning to notice if I have new flares or worrisome spots. You can also document your skin by taking videos or pictures of it daily.

How does your skin tend to react to the winter cold weather? Have you noticed any changes as the seasons come and go?

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