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Things You Need to Hear

A lot of us living with this condition need to hear a few different things. We're struggling. Mentally and physically. We downplay our conditions in an effort to blend in with the crowd. We fear being judged and fear flaring. We're constantly burdened by a condition that affects our outward appearance and therefore also affects our mental health a great deal.

What we need to hear:

With time we grow. We get used to our conditions and learn better coping mechanisms, but it's still hard. The more time passes, the more stares, the more judgment, the more discomfort. The more time passes, the more things you need to hear.

Your needs matter

I know it's hard to believe, but they do. You can, and should, tell people when your condition is bothering you. You can, and should, worry about the wellbeing of your body - internally and externally.

An apology

From all of those people who once judged you. From the picked who laughed at you because you are different, not even taking time to consider that maybe, just maybe, it was at no fault of your own and actually caused by a terrible, underlying condition.

You can be free

Free from judgment, free from negativity. You can be free to live your life the way you want to live it. You don't have to hide behind long sleeves in the summer. You don't need to cover your face in pounds of makeup. There's no need to hide. Your imperfections make you beautiful. It's up to you to embrace them or not, but if it's worth anything at all, in my opinion, you should.

It's not your fault

No matter what you want to tell yourself during a flare or home alone late nights - it's not your fault. You didn't cause this condition and it does not make you who you are. Stop blaming yourself for things that are out of your control. So what if you left your good lotion at home and had to try a hotel brand that did more harm than good? So what if you chose to sleep on a sheet, not realizing what it would do to your face? So what? Accidents happen. People make mistakes. Bad things happen and they also improve. Stop stressing on what's already happened and consider ways those same mistakes can be prevented in the future.

I'm with you

You need (and deserve) people on your team. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of caring. You are good enough. Just as you are. Find those people. Get the support. Feel the love.

You're beautiful

In spite of anything you're going through, you are beautiful. Don't let anything in life take away your confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and the person you are. You are much more than any one thing so don't allow one thing to take that away from you.

It's okay

Everything will work out in the end. Don't live your life worrying or being paranoid, just live your life.

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